Believe it or not, Whatever you are today - whether Successful or Unsuccessful, Your Name has played around 50% of the role in that. We request you to spend at least 5 minutes here as these 5 minutes can change your life forever.
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Naming Ceremony! Its all about Numerology.

If you are an Indian, then you must have heard about “ Naming Ceremony” performed for the newly born. As per the Vedas (oldest scriptures in the world), the naming ceremony is considered one of the most important ceremony and must be performed by any holy or intellectual one, i.e. who can name the baby on luckiest possible vibrations. For ex, Maharishi Garg was called for the Naming Ceremony of young lord Krishna Balraam. Though Krishna’s parent could have named their kids but still the Sage was called. The same was followed for Lord Ram and many other supreme authorities in the world.

Science behind Numerology!  

The secret underlying the basis of Numerology is the law of vibrations and Resonance mentioned under the study of Physics. Every number possesses its own specific electromagnetic power of vibration and every person in this world has the vibrations of certain numbers which is determined by his Date of Birth and some other calculations. The vibration of these numbers may be strong or weak, for ex. the vibration of number 2 is weaker than number 8 or 3 or 9 etc. Moreover, Name of the person can further downgrade this vibration intensity and this is the conflict which creates most of the problems in every aspect throughout your life. So with the unique blend of Astrology & Numerology, we can determine the most fortunate vibrations for any individual and can change/correct the name as per the new more powerful vibrations. The result of these fortunate and powerful vibrations can be easily observed in your life in a couple of months. You can clearly differentiate two children, one who is having the fortunate name and one who is not. It is because of this power and permanent effect, Numerology is often considered as second last remedy for most of the human problems. Obviously, Last resort is the God Himself.

The miracles of this Ancient Science are mentioned at several places in Bible which clearly states as “a change in name results in a change in destiny”. For example, it is written that when Abram became Abraham and Sarai became Sarah, they succeeded to bear a child just by adding letter H. Similarly Jacob was renamed to Israel. Also, you must have heard the case of Napoleon, who had won almost all the wars, once did slight change in his name and in a couple of months he was brutally killed. Why do we need numerology over other branches of astrology? Simply because it is more precise and works on fundamental level of existence.

Why should you change or correct your Name?

Actually, the sound waves of your Name meet your body aura. The body receives the energy,if It’s in conflict with your own energy (because of DOB), the name will diminish or make you weaker day by day as most of your inherent aural energy conflict with unmatched Name Octaves, hence energy loss occurs because of conflict. When the Name matched with your body aura, it will multiply your aural energy day by day. This is the key logic of how Mantra chanting effects on livings and non livings and this is what sole purpose of Science of Numerology. Now you himself can imagine what happens when you owns a Name as per this divine Science.
Clearly, the change in your name will bring change in all aspects of your life, for ex. financial and personal matters, mental harmony and peace, health, growth etc. Discount on Numerology services for bulk consultation No matter you have faith or not, you will be surprised to see the changes coming in your life just after applying some simple numerological suggestions. You can’t change your birth date but you must change/correct your name to make ensure your stars will not hinder your success. BEWARE! as a change in a name brings changes in your immediate destiny and these changes can be either good or terribly bad. So never ever attempt to modify the name by yourself or by any amateur numerologists.

This is where you need RevealsMystica. We request you to read more about the Numerology and its importance here

Does it really work?

As no single solution can be applicable to all problems, in the same way only around 60-70% of the people respond to any vibrations influence and hence the Name Change or Correction only benefit those. This is opposing to the popular belief that Numerology works equally well to all. It’s not that such people cannot use numerological remedies in their life but the fact is either they are strong enough (due to strong planetary positions) that even if their name vibration is weak, their inherent body vibrations are strong enough to make them win the battle of life or are neutral to any vibrations and hence Name Change or Correction is not necessary in such cases. In such cases, we highly recommend our unique Complete Astro-Numerology Report Without Name Change .


I am neither any God man nor I claim to be the best in world to change your life overnight, but I can assure that you hardly get those suggestions and pure scientific solutions anywhere, which I will mention in the report. Also, you would never need to run to any astrologer or numerologist again in your life. Numerology is the science of numbers and it does not aim at an immediate and temporary result. Its work is like that of the planter; for the future. Its duty is to lay the right foundation for those who seek Harmony, Success and Growth.
     -- Nishith K Sharma a.k.a Alok Sharma

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