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Gem Stone / Rudraksh Suggestion

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Numerology Services & Fees

Name Change or Correction Only

  bullet Powerhouse Name  derived  from our Unique Proprietary Equations
  bullet Correct procedure of doing signature for enhanced fortunate vibes

Price – INR 2500 only, USD 69 (outside India)
(100% refund in case you already have Strong & Fortunate name.)

Numerology name Change or Correction

World famous Numerology report by unique proprietary Equations

Powerhouse Name with Complete Personalized Report

Gift your baby the Powerhouse Name with complete personalized report to help her achieve the best in life.

This 10 - 12 pages manually prepared Astro-Numerology report is one of its own kinds in the world and will cover the following aspects:

  bullet Powerhouse Name derived from our unique proprietary Astro-Numerological Equations
  bullet Most favorable numbers, days & dates for all important matters in life
  bullet Your most favorable months/ years for success & which you must not miss
  bullet Most Favorable Rudraksh type to wear for energizing your body Plexus.
  bullet Most favorable career path and financial suggestion.
  bullet Favorable gemstone for enhanced power waves.
  bullet Correct procedure of doing signature for enhanced fortunate vibes.
  bullet Most favorable home, mobile, account, locker and vehicle number to attract good luck for you and your family.
  bullet Numerological secrets to minimize the chance of failed marriage(not for already married)
  bullet Colors to follow and avoid throughout life.
  bullet Some most potent hidden mystic secrets hard to find anywhere.

Price – INR 3999 only, USD 100 (outside India)
50% refund if you already have Strong & Fortunate name.

Gem Stone / Rudraksh Suggestion

Fortunate Gems

The wearing of gem studded ornaments brings respect, fame, longevity, wealth, happiness, strength and fruition. Over and above this, it wards off evil astral influences, makes the body healthy, removes misery and fortune and washes away sin. - Mani Mala, Part II, 121-122

The Sanskrit verse above clearly states what Gem Stones can give you in your life. Gems generate cosmic radiations as well as vibrant colors. They enhance the quality of our lives whenever our energies get depleted because of our inefficiency to absorbing sufficient cosmic radiations either because of conflict in our energy channels( due to weak Name and number) or due to weaker planetary positions. Gems stones have magnetic powers, they create strong energy fields. The entire creative world depends on light, rhythmic patterns and color. Both colors and gems can heal a wide range of illness. They can also considerably improve your destiny by nullifying the effect of malefic planets and by concentrating the energies of friendly ones.

Rudraksh have a magical and mystical effect on overall well being of human beings.

Fortunate Rudraksh types

On this planet, there is no other path better than wearing of Rudraksh.

Rudraksh: A shield against negative energies.

Apart from the spiritual and materialistic benefits, Rudraksh also acts as a great shield against negative uses of energies which is unfortunately very common these days. This is actually a whole science by itself. The Atharv Veda (one of the four Veda), is all about how to use energies to your advantage and to someone else's detriment. If somebody who has mastery over this wants to use it, extreme suffering and even death can be caused. The power of aura of Rudraksh protect the wearer from all such sufferings.

But as a thumb rule, everything is not for everybody. Hence, We at RevealsMystica suggest you the most fortunate and favorable Gem Stones and Rudraksh as per you.

Price – INR 1099 only, USD 39 (for people staying outside India)

Business Numerology Secrets

Want Successful Business?

Any business starts with a Name.The importance of strong and fortunate Business name can not be denied especially in this age of cut-throat competetion. If the name itself is weak, you can never expect high level of profits in spite of your best efforts. We have several examples like Daewoo,Nokiaand Motorola etc in front of us. Similarly you have the example of oldest business firms i.e. Lloyd, Consolidated Edison, IBM etc , which still thrives in today's era.

Choosing the most favorable Business Name Can Spell “Success”...
At RevealsMystica’s Business Consulting Services, we use an exclusive formula to create business names based on some mathematical principles which proves the extreme intellectuality of the east. This formula ensures the great energy in your business name that will help you in your efforts to create success and attract the best opportunities. Your company name projects important messages to customers, staff, and suppliers, making it a critical aspect of success. The result is a name with the right image and one that spells "success"!

The destiny of any company is determined by its name!

Your DOMAIN or WEBSITE Name  is equally as important as your Business Name and should also be strong in energy to increase the business. The EMAIL you use is also important. A strong EMAIL name will allow you to attract the best opportunities in the world of the Internet. Whether you are starting a new company or have an established enterprise, let us help you design strong names for your business. In report, you will get : 

  bullet Luckiest Name/Corrected name for your business (Real Estate Projects, Films and TV production House, Serials Name etc.) derived from our unique proprietary Astro-Numerological Equations.
  bullet Correct procedure of doing signature for enhanced fortunate vibes.
  bullet Favorable dates and time for starting the business or any other important work.
  bullet Number of the favorable shop/showroom/land for investment or to start new business.
  bullet Important dates to follow for business meetings, putting order , payments etc
  bullet Logo suggestion for your Business firm.
  bullet Color scheme to follow in logo, shop/Showroom/offices.
  bullet Most favorable Domain or Website Name.
  bullet Most favorable Gem Stones & Rudraksh type to wear for energizing your body Plexus
  bullet Some most potent hidden mystic secrets hard to find anywhere.

We generally invest millions sum of money for business setup but often miss the importance of first step.

Price – INR 10999 only, USD 199 (outside India)

If you really want your business to be successful, then you must not miss this opportunity.

Payment Mode:

Below are the necessary details for payment of consultation fees.

For payment outside India:
We receive payments via world's most reliable and speedy online payment with PayPal. Just finalize the service you want to opt and simply click the link below, enter an amount, log in to your PayPal account and you're done. If you don't have a PayPal account, you can sign up in minutes.

Payment through cheque / DD / online transfer / netbanking in India:
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At RevealsMystica, we charge affordable rates in all our numerology consultations and serving everybody with our knowledge and experience. For any of the services, you should take prior appointment to avoid any inconvenience. You can order your report either through online appointment by filling out the appointment form with all the necessory details or just dropping us a mail with all your details i.e Name, DOB details, queries etc. Please click here for online Appointment.

For any of the Numerological suggestion, Nishith K Sharma personally read and analyzes each horoscope diligently. No computer generated reports or predictions are given. Every aspect is manual so please allow at least 15-20 business days for your report to be emailed to you.

Actually finding the most suitable and lucky number for anybody is not a 2 min process as what this has become today because of some amateur numerologists. There are many aspects which need to be analyzed before reaching any final conclusion and also there is no scope of mistake in determining your lucky number and other prospects of success. It is not just because your DOB is 3 or 12 then 3 is your lucky number. We have to find the answers of many questions as why number 3 and not number 5? Why 6 and not number 9 or not number 2? Obviously it is time taking process and there is no software in the world to calculate all this so it takes so long to send you the report and because of this we cannot provide you the free consultation. But you must be rest assured, the money you are paying us is nothing compare to what you are getting from us.

I am neither any God man nor I claim to change your life overnight, but I can assure that you hardly get those suggestions and pure scientific solutions anywhere, which I will mention in the report. Also, you would never need to run to any astrologer or numerologist again in your life. Numerology is the science of numbers and it does not aim at an immediate and temporary result. Its work is like that of the planter; for the future. Its duty is to lay the right foundation for those who seek Harmony, Success and Growth.
     -- Nishith K Sharma a.k.a Alok Sharma

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